Handsome Broke Boy Ross Wanks His Tool

in Pits and Bush

Handsome Broke Boy Ross Wanks His Tool
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Handsome Broke Boy Ross Wanks His Tool

There is a new guy in the studio today, Ross. We’ve known him for a while and it’s taken quite a bit of encouragement to get him to come into the studio. Standing up, the 22 year old quickly stripped off, revealing a well toned and taut body. At our request, Ross turned around and showed off his cute ass, not to mention the art decorating his back, and gave one well shaped cheek a hearty slap. Making himself comfortable on the couch, Ross grabbed the bottle of lube and slicked up his dick. ‘It’s cold!’ whispered Ross, grinning from ear to ear as he worked the lube. His hand slowly sliding up and down his slick shaft, Ross wasn’t shy about acknowledging the presence of a camera in the room and his manner reminded me a little of Chad, likewise with the smile. Click here to watch the entire video…

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